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Toyota Hiace

Toyota Hiace

Vehicle Specifications




Engine, cm3:




Price Type:


2694 cm3








Horsepower (hp):


Interior Color:



Toyota Hiace


158 hp



12 seats

3 months condition


The 2017 Toyota Hiace is a versatile and dependable vehicle that has been a popular choice for various business and personal transportation needs. Whether you’re looking for a reliable van for commercial use or a spacious and comfortable people mover, the Toyota Hiace has you covered. Let’s explore some key features and benefits of the 2017 Toyota Hiace:

  1. Design and Space: The 2017 Toyota Hiace boasts a spacious and functional design. With its boxy exterior, it offers ample cargo space and a roomy interior. It’s available in multiple configurations, including panel vans and commuter vans, accommodating various requirements.
  2. Seating Capacity: The commuter van version of the Hiace can comfortably seat up to 12 passengers. This makes it an ideal choice for transporting people for businesses, hotels, or as a shuttle service.
  3. Comfort and Convenience: The Hiace’s interior is designed with comfort in mind. Features like air conditioning, a user-friendly dashboard, and well-padded seats ensure a pleasant driving experience for both the driver and passengers.
  4. Reliability: Toyota has a reputation for building durable and reliable vehicles, and the Hiace is no exception. It is built to withstand the demands of daily use, which makes it a dependable choice for commercial purposes.
  5. Safety Features: The 2017 Hiace comes equipped with various safety features, including airbags, anti-lock brakes, and stability control, to help ensure the safety of both the driver and passengers.
  6. Fuel Efficiency: The Hiace is known for its relatively good fuel efficiency, especially considering its size and capacity. This can lead to cost savings over time for businesses that rely on it for transportation.
  7. Customization: Businesses can customize the Hiace to suit their specific needs. Whether it’s adding shelving and storage in the cargo area or configuring the passenger seats for optimal comfort, the Hiace can be tailored to your requirements.
  8. Resale Value: Toyota vehicles typically hold their value well, and the Hiace is no exception. This can be a great advantage if you plan to sell or upgrade your vehicle in the future.
  9. Versatility: Whether you’re transporting goods, people, or a combination of both, the 2017 Toyota Hiace is a versatile choice that can adapt to various tasks.
  10. Global Popularity: The Toyota Hiace is widely recognized and popular globally, making it easier to find spare parts, servicing, and support, no matter where you are.

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